oh hi there.

August 11, 2009

dearest readers,

what i am about to impart to you all is of great importance.

in your hands you now hold the key to the inner sanctum of the abyss that is my mind. in here, you may lose your wits, your innocence, and perhaps even your hats. you will see things here that you cannot unsee; you will read things that you only hope, many years from now on, the blissful oasis of old age will eviscerate from memory.

if you wish to continue at your peril, madness will take its toll: please pay in exact change as it does not carry small coins with it. Remember to keep your limbs inside the vehicle, pray to the deity of your choice that you will emerge (relatively) unscathed, and upon exiting check to see if you still possess the ability to look me in the eye the next time we meet. also, don’t say i didn’t warn you.

yours truly and truly yours,



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