apparently the pain of natural childbirth isn’t enough.

August 25, 2009

i was wondering:

then, we had whale bone corsets strong enough to crack our ribs.

now, we have four inch heels that pinch and blister our feet.

what do you think is next, ladies?


2 Responses to “apparently the pain of natural childbirth isn’t enough.”

  1. badpixie Says:

    I’ve endured pain from broken bones and falls from horses that hurt far more than natural childbirth. We chose to have our son without pain medication because it was best for us (maybe not for everyone else) and safest. From my own personal experience, once they start injecting you with Pitocin, the unmanageable pain starts. Avoid that and it’s quite easier. I spent nearly my whole labor standing in a shower, which made it far more comfortable as well as faster. 8 hours total ended with a healthy nearly 9 pounder, no stitches needed and a jubilant, peaceful and safe birth.

    It’s not for everyone, but REAL birth isn’t like the catastrophes you see on TV and in the movies. It’s not a medical emergency and women don’t need to be rescued from it.

    And for the record, I avoid the toe-killer heels. Life’s too short, ya know?


    • readersbeware Says:

      Hey BP,

      Thanks for your comment! As someone who hasn’t experienced motherhood yet, I always had the impression – from relatives and of course, the media – that childbirth (natural or no) was frightening, long, and painful. I guess each experience speaks for itself, and I only hope if and when I decide to have children that it goes as naturally and safely for me as it did you.

      Thanks for sharing again! =)

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