a dinner conversation.

August 30, 2009

so over a late dinner a few days ago, a friend of mine was poking at his lamb chop when he looked up and asked me, “what do you think happens to our memories when we die?”

now i definitely wasn’t expecting that. usually all my friend seems to enjoy doing is asking me every other day if i’ve trapped an unsuspecting male in my web of insanity found a boyfriend yet, and otherwise teasing me about how i can’t play left4dead without screaming until my jaw locks open. you can imagine my surprise when he suddenly blindsided me with this question.

i debated with giving my standard template answer for questions regarding the afterlife – the peter pan quote about dying being the greatest adventure – but this time, for some reason i decided to leave the morbid underbelly of disney out of the conversation and responded instead with, “nobody knows. maybe it’s like when you remove the battery from your laptop and it’s not plugged in. the memories are still intact, but you can’t access them anymore.”

“so it’s like the blue screen of death.”

“more like your computer won’t turn on and you have this really important file that you need to e-mail to your boss or else your ass is on the line, except it doesn’t really matter because you’re dead.”

and then we went back to eating like we weren’t making light of the phenomenon of death by comparing it to the failure of a mere electronic device.

potential comment fodder: what do you think happens after death? no evidence or proof required. i am referring to the immaterial – souls, memories, and such – so please, no obvious scientific observations about body decomposition.


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