September 17, 2009

today i woke up running a high fever and nursing body aches and a killer headache after roughly 2 weeks of an escalating cough. everything hurt so much that i actually thought i was dead for the first half-an-hour of tossing and turning on my bed. anyway, i ended up seeing the doctor later on in the morning, doped myself up on the prescribed meds, and somehow made it to school without swooning and passing out (although the trip back could have almost been another story altogether).

then, i told a classmate and friend about my fever, and she started singing this to me.

(for those curious as to my response; i found it slightly inappropriate, but highly amusing. i also tried to join in during the chorus, but one verse in immediately lapsed into a round of shotgun coughs.)


One Response to “sick.”

  1. Matt Says:

    Argh, that doesn’t sound good… falling horrifically ill right after first week* is never fun :/ take care of yourself this weekend!

    *(also hey, it’s not chicken pox)

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