June 2, 2010

wondering why the title says “fog”? well, it stands for fresh out of graduation…and foggy it is! immediately after my convocation ceremony people started turning around to their neighbours and asking the dreaded question:

“so what are you going to do now?”

it’s a terrifying thought to cross your mind, especially for those like me who have mostly only known “school” in their lives, having gone straight from secondary to university without any stops. after suddenly being spat out by your university as fresh job market meat, the road ahead does seem mighty foggy for the unexperienced fillet.

personally, I’m lucky enough to have scored an awesome summer placement at an organization that does advocacy (and representative) work in the line of corporate responsibility. but even if I do know what I want to happen in the next year or so, nothing’s guaranteed past these next four months, and oh yes, it is scary. nevertheless it must be tackled – it would be a shame to want something but not find the strength to actively work for it!

the most important thing to keep in mind after graduation, I think, is not to stagnate. it’s hard to kick yourself back into gear, especially after those 4+ years of hard work, but this time frame is so crucial in establishing the tempo of the a.g. (after grad) era of your life. it doesn’t have to be the standard “get a job” – it could be starting small;  doing temp work in the field you want to get involved in, taking some vocational classes, even going overseas on a trip to volunteer or just explore new cultures and expand your mind. of course, we all deserve a big break from work…just don’t let that “break” become permanent.

so to all recent grads, conGRADUATIONs (see what I did there?! I know! I’m hilarious) on all your achievements, enjoy the summer (the weather is finally picking up on my end), and don’t let all that f.o.g. get in your eyes!


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