an ‘I have lost all hope in humanity’ news link dump.

June 17, 2010

not much to say in particular but here are some recent eye-catching headlines that may or may not have received some additional commentary from yours truly.

“BP to drill giant middle finger into the Rockies; mourning period for Gulf of Mexico practically non-existent” <>

(cf. for size of oil spill in reference to [ie. smack-dab on top of] your hometown and/or current location – funtastic!)

“‘Female genital cutting’ university studies done on girls aged 5-6 to ensure so-called ‘normal’ sexual development; ethics approval board allegedly horrified into silence because how the hell else was this able to get past them?”  <>

“Gay-bashing occurs in Vancouver; society collectively bands together to shrug its shoulders” <>

[edit] – in hindsight this seems to have been a little too depressing, so have some of this, and maybe a little of this for good measure.


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