tales from a foolish childhood 2

August 23, 2010

the popular one-episode series based on my childhood memories makes a come-back!!

this one was recalled recently, while mildly trying to recall/explain to a friend why I harbour such a strong dislike for the song “greensleeves“.

when I was but a young child, my folks had this then-considered cutting-edge computer game (think gigantic pixels) that was geared towards teaching its audience how to do simple math (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) under the guise of protecting a castle from invaders. to make it more challenging, by each level players would have to type in the answer to a math question increasingly quicker and quicker to prevent the invader from breaching the castle wall. if you made it onto the top 10 scoreboard, the song “greensleeves” would play while you were prompted to type in three letters representing your initials to forever enshrine your glorious victory.

I’m not ashamed to say that I thoroughly kicked that game’s butt. of course, being the snotty little kid I was, I thought it would be hilarious to write in dirty words like “ASS” and “SHT” whenever I got a high score; of course the most scandalous one, “FUK” (or “FUC”, I can’t remember which one little-me decided to input that fateful day), was reserved for the very highest score.

it was only after my initial glee had subsided after surveying my childish work that I immediately became fearful of my little butt’s welfare should my mom discover my indiscretions. so subsequently you can imagine that I spent the next while playing feverishly trying to erase all the high scores. however, I will tell you right now that my math is sub-par under stress, and although I managed to clear out most of the records, that elusive high score just could not be beaten. but damn it, I tried. I calculated my little heart out and even though I trained myself to the extent that I was guaranteed to get onto the scoreboard with every effort (and hear that mocking song play every forsaken time), I never made the high score. I hadn’t realized it then, but those were the memories that caused me to forever associate the mournful tune with a victory that just doesn’t quite cut it.

good times.


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