age – just a number?

September 3, 2010

most everybody knows the “divide by 2 and add 7” rule. society dictates that you are not supposed to date somebody who hasn’t reached a certain age. for instance, if you were 30, it would be seen as socially unacceptable to enter a relationship with somebody under 22 (despite no legal barriers).

is age just a number, though? can a “spark” or chemistry transcend the number of years that somebody has lived on this planet?

personally I think that the current ‘rule’ makes sense – this will be a surprise to anybody who knows me, as I am constantly teased for dating “old men”. there will be exceptions, but I believe that generally a relationship has to consist of two components who can connect on similar experiences, and that usually requires them to be in the same generation. of course this change in attitude comes from a recent experience, where I found out on the 3rd date that the individual who had intentions of pursuing me was more than double my age. I was closer to his son’s age than his. I took a lot away from my time with him – he was very considerate, caring, honest, mature (everything I was looking for in a person) and, if I had to be crude, deceptively young-looking – but once his age came out things undeniably changed for me. this whole situation was – and is still – unchartered territory for me, and I find myself reconsidering my stance on the age question.

my question for self-reflection – will I change my stance again when I grow older?


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